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Queensland is one of the three states that still has publicly owned power generation, transmission and distribution components of the electricity grid.

Recently, this has caused widespread controversy as the Queensland Government was accused of gouging electricity prices to raise revenue.

This has been catastrophic for families, farmers and industry particularly in North Queensland as these higher prices have been passed on to them.

Construction of a state-of-the-art high efficiency low emission (HELE) power plant would deliver competition and lower prices for families and businesses in North Queensland.

With the introduction of the State Government’s 50% renewable energy target, Queensland risks repeating the same mistakes as South Australia in rushing to renewables while turning its back on huge coal reserves in its own backyard.

Queensland Facts


Increase in Brisbane electricity prices was 245% over a 10 year


The Queensland Government announced a 50% renewable energy target by 2030, following the same dangerous precedent set in South Australia.

The average annual electricity bill for a Queensland family.


The ACCC is investigating the State Government and state-owned generators for artificially increasing prices to raise more dividends.


state owned

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