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Support Lower Power Prices

Rushing to renewables has led to an energy system in crisis with skyrocketing power prices and disastrous blackouts.

South Australia’s failed renewables experiment has earned it the title of the world’s highest power prices.

To lower power prices we don’t need more expensive and unreliable renewables – we need to use our abundant natural coal resources to deliver cheap and reliable electricity for Australians.

Only a new high efficiency low emission (HELE) coal fired power station can deliver cheap and reliable electricity for families and businesses.

New clean coal technology will also help us meet our emissions goal.

Around the world, there are over 700 HELE power stations operating, planned or under construction.

But Australia is being left behind with no proposed HELE power stations.

While we export Australian coal to other countries, we need to use it here to provide cheap and reliable power for families and businesses.

Sign the petition to support lower power prices by calling for our governments to build high efficiency low emission power stations.